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You Tube

Introducing the venue(Kobe City Misaki Park Stadium, also known as The Noevir Stadium Kobe and Hanazono Rugby Stadium) in the video.

Model Courses

Along with watching the tournament, Introducing recommended sightseeing routes that you can experience various attractions of Kansai. Please refer to these information as a reference for your singhtseeing in Kansai.

Kansai culture day

KANSAI Culture Day

On the day of Kansai culture, with the cooperation of cultural facilities such as art natural history museums, archive halls, and cultural facilities in the Kansai area, the admission fee (excluding special exhibitions) will be free in November (the third Saturday and Sunday of the month are the main days). It is an opportunity to feel the rich culture cultivated by Kansai's long history, so why not take this opportunity to enjoy Culture and Art?