In order to welcome guests safely and with peace of mind, as a strategy against COVID-19 infections, and in accordance with guidelines and manuals produced by the Japanese government, local (for example, prefectural) authorities, and industry organizations such as the Japan Hotel Association and the Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association, various steps are being taken to prevent infection at hotels and ryokans in Kansai for each potential use-case by guests at their facilities. This website will introduce examples of such measures, which have been formulated based on consultations with multiple hotels and ryokans in the Kansai area.

When checking in

The cooperation of guests is being requested when checking in, for example through the use of masks, measuring body temperature, hand sanitizing, health checks, and maintaining social distance. Measures are also being undertaken at reception desks, for example the installation of protective screens, and the use of masks and face guards by customer-facing staff.

©Hotel Nikko Osaka

In guest rooms

In addition to conventional cleaning, measures in guest rooms include thorough ventilation as well as alcohol-based sanitization and anti-viral treatments for surfaces, fixtures, and fittings with which customers come in direct physical contact.


During evening meals (ryokans)

Responses may vary depending on the institution, but include the following: using seating layouts to maintain social distancing; providing meals in guests' rooms or in private dining rooms within hotel restaurants; where possible, combining courses during traditional Japanese course dining (reducing the number of times staff serve food to customers); and reverting to the use of smaller, individual plates instead of larger, shared platters.


During evening meals (hotels)

Awareness of social distancing in restaurant seating arrangements and changes to serving methods for buffet-style meals (order-style buffets and the serving of buffet items by staff) are among the measures being implemented.

©AoAwo Naruto Resort

During breakfast (buffet-style)

Measures include ceasing the provision of buffets in favor of choosing items from a breakfast menu; having a buffet, but providing breakfast items in smaller bowls rather than taking items from shared platters; and the installation of transparent plastic screens at buffet counters.

©Kyoto Hotel Okura

Receiving group guests

In the same way as for individuals, guests traveling in groups are being requested to have their temperature taken on arrival, use hand sanitizer, and so on. Also, in order to avoid situations in which large numbers of people are gathered in confined interior spaces—for example, when checking in and checking out—check-ins are being undertaken by a single group representative, payments are being processed in advance, paperwork is being completed at a separate counter from that for individual guests, and guidance is being provided in order to reduce crowding in and around elevators and hotel lobbies.

©Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei

Facilities and equipment inside hotels and ryokans (e.g. elevators and communal spaces)

For surfaces, fixtures, and fittings within establishments—for example, in communal spaces, elevators, etc.—with which guests come in direct physical contact, regular sanitizing is being undertaken and sanitizing equipment is being provided in all areas.

©RIHGA Royal Hotels

Communal bathing areas and onsen (hot springs)

Among other measures in communal bathing areas and onsen (hot springs), the number of guests admitted at any one time is being limited, systems are being installed for monitoring how crowded a space has become, and the use of saunas is being suspended.


Measures undertaken by staff

Measures being undertaken by hotel and ryokan staff include health management through measuring body temperature when arriving at work; thorough hand washing, gargling, and alcohol-based sanitizing; and the use of masks.

* The information included on this website is based on consultations with multiple ryokans and hotels that took place in November 2020.
* For specific measures at the present time, please refer to websites and other information sources for the individual hotels and ryokans at which you intend to stay.